Serving as the single entity sports marketing agency for the region, the San Diego Sports Commission is proud to be the cornerstone for all sports and sports-related activities in San Diego. We believe our city stands for the best of what a destination has to offer thanks to San Diego’s wide selection of venues, facilities, hotels and world-class attractions. Combined with our team’s proven performance and collaborative partnership throughout the duration of your event, you are guaranteed a successful, memorable experience from start to finish.

Established in 1961, the San Diego Sports Commission strives to enhance the quality of life for San Diegans through sports. Our motivated sports marketing team offers expertise across many sporting areas from baseball and golf to water polo and action sports, just to name a few. We understand that what takes place off the field is just as important as the game on the field. That’s why our comprehensive efforts include pre- and post-research and analysis, event and logistical management, and marketing and sponsorship development across all levels from youth to professional. In working with us, our goal is to ensure a well-rounded event for organizers, players and spectators.

Thanks to our affiliated company, the San Diego Hall of Champions, we offer the ability to deepen participant engagement with your event by utilizing our 68,000 square foot multi-sport museum as the venue for your event banquet, awards reception or meetings. The Hall of Champions provides a fantastic backdrop for your event and also provides your guests with the ability to interact with the many fascinating displays of San Diego’s rich and diverse sports history. Depending on your need, the Hall offers a large selection of rooms and areas that can accommodate between 10 and 1,700 people.

Through our service as the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for events such as the NFL Super Bowl, Red Bull Air Races, Aflac All-American High School Baseball Classic, and USA Judo Senior Nationals, our knowledge and capabilities continue to expand, allowing for constant innovation of ways to grow sporting events. For a more in-depth look at our range of experience, please visit the “Past Events” page.

Community Partnerships
Community support is vital for a successful event, which is why we have made a commitment to establishing relationships with various San Diego organizations, groups and individuals in both sporting and non-sporting industries. This enterprise of key sports, business, political and civic leaders and sports constituencies will take your event to the next level by providing added exposure, support and visibility.

These collaborative relationships also provide us with the ability to facilitate any and all logistical and operational support your event requires. Our team works closely with local and federal entities to secure permits and approvals. In addition, our professional partnerships with numerous vendors ensure the highest quality of output at preferred rates.

The San Diego Sports Commission works hand in hand with the San Diego Visitors and Convention Bureau to find the best hospitality for your event at competitive rates. No matter what your hotel needs are in terms of location, amenities and cost, our aim is to find the perfect accommodations to guarantee your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.

The San Diego Sports Commission is ingrained in San Diego’s sports culture and takes great pride in championing events and activities for sports fans through all forms of media. When developing an event marketing strategy, our motivated team engages all media platforms to ensure that no stone goes unturned and no opportunity goes overlooked. We utilize traditional efforts such as local advertising, promotions and public relations as well as non-traditional methods like street teams, word-of-mouth tactics and customized interactive content. Additionally, we at the San Diego Sports Commission recognize the importance of installing a social media component into everything we do, which allows fans and participants to share in an event unlike never before. Through the use of outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube, we craft a 360 degree outreach strategy to engage the community on all levels. Our team will work with you in the development and integration of this content, aimed at maximizing the community’s engagement and building an unforgettable sports experience for everyone involved.

Assessing the results of your event is equally important to guaranteeing its long-term success, which is why our collaboration continues long after the final bell tolls and the last fan has returned home. The San Diego Sports Commission will work closely with you to create a comprehensive post-event report that will be useful in growing your event in the years to come.